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Simon’s Guide to Gambling and Online Casinos in Finland

Most forms of gambling are legal and regulated in Finland. Finnish gamblers have access to sports betting, casino gambling and lotteries. However, both the online and the land-based gambling market is heavily regulated and monopolised.

Domestic gambling activities in Finland are organized by 3+1 companies, each with a monopoly in its own area, and each owned in a large part by the Finnish government. The company Fintoto is in charge of horse race betting.

All other forms of sports betting are in the hands of Veikkaus. This company also controls lottery games, including games such as keno and bingo. Casino gambling, which includes both slot machines and table games, is the monopoly of RAY. The “+1” gambling operator in France is PAF, which is, by itself, responsible for all forms of gambling on the Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland.

Online gambling is also legal in Finland. Practically the same rules apply as to brick and mortar gambling, insofar as the only domestic companies who may legally offer gambling services within Finland are the previously mentioned operators.

Finland is a member of the European Union, which is generally disdainful of gambling monopolies within its member states. Finland has long since insisted that all gambling within the country is non-profit, though this subject is rather controversial. Currently the monopolies still exist. International gambling sites are forbidden to advertise within the country, though there are no laws banning Finnish gamblers from playing on international online gambling sites*.