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Finland Online Casinos: Player Bonus Benefits

Finland players are welcome at hundreds of online casinos and the fierce competing for their membership resulted in the offering of an outstanding variety of bonuses including no deposit free spins and cash bonuses as well as excellent welcome bonus packages.

No deposit bonuses are the most widely used marketing form in attracting new players and providing them with free spins or cash amounts that can be utilized without the need to make a deposit first. Once players are ready to deposit, welcome packages are available that doubles or triples the initial deposit while more high percentage bonuses are offered across the following three or four deposits.

Once players read and understand the terms and conditions part of these bonus offers, accepting them always significantly boost their bankrolls.

Existing players enjoy rewards such as cashbacks; reload bonuses, cash giveaways, and other special promotions, while loyalty point systems reward regular play and VIP programs offer brilliant benefits to dedicated players.

The Future Of Finland Online Casinos

Currently, Finland does not allow new casino operators to offer casino gaming activities, and all offshore online gambling is proclaimed as illegal. While Finnish players are welcomed at most offshore online casinos like, there is currently no legal system to prevent online casinos catering for international players from accepting players from Finland. Most importantly, Finland does not currently have a criminal code that stops online operators from accepting Finnish players, and basically, local citizens are free to enjoy casino games at all websites eager to welcome players from Finland.

World-Renowned Software Suppliers

Our team of experts took the time to select the best and most reliable online casinos after testing all services offered including payout periods, so the deciding factor is the gaming selection.

In choosing an online casino, it is important to ensure that the best possible gaming selection is offered when it comes to high-quality graphics, outstanding sound, and smooth play. NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Play’n Go, Thunderkick, Evolution Gaming and Yggdrasil Gaming is just some of the most preferred software providers rated according to international player gaming actions.

A multi-vendor online casino partners with several software developers to provide the best online entertainment for players from around the globe, offering members access to slots, table & card games, live dealer games and some sites also include sports betting, poker rooms and bingo.

One of the main attractions remain the progressive jackpot collections and players eager to win multi-millions within a single spin prefers online casino sites featuring jackpots such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune from Microgaming and NetEnt.

Classic casino game players who enjoy blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and video poker tend to favor casinos offering games created by Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Guide To Finland Online Casinos

Finland legalized web-based gambling in 1996 when Veikkhaus was authorized to offer both Internet and land-based games. Currently, PAF controls all online gambling in the Aland Islands province and was also the first operator to offer a complete selection of online bingo and casino games since 2007. Recently Finland was under pressure from the European Union due to the gambling operation-monopoly, which insisted that it allow other online casinos to offer services to players in Finland.
Finland remains confident that the gambling operations are charitable and still refuses to allow other operators to enter its online casino gaming market While PAF and Veikkhaus monopolize the market, Finnish players are welcomed at all remote sites, and the absence of a legal mechanism to block offshore sites from accepting Finland players, allows players to enjoy casino games at a wide variety of online casinos.

Finland Friendly Online Casinos

Online Casinos are more than willing to welcome players from Finland, and our comprehensive casino reviews guide players towards highly recommended casinos that offer a regulated and licensed environment where player’s best interests are at heart.

In selecting the reliable online casino, several factors need to be considered including banking methods, prompt payouts, currencies accepted, bonus offers, regular promotions, languages offered, member assistance and gaming availability and variety across several platforms including desktop, smartphone, and tablets.

Channeling effect of a national online casino: case Finland

Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY) opened the first national online casino for the Finnish citizens in November 2010. The demand for online casino gambling had been growing already during the preceding decade, and one of the main aims for the opening of a RAY’s online casino, was channeling the online gambling of the Finnish citizens to a national gambling site, that is more broadly and precisely regulated, than the offshore sites like After five years, we have reached a rather comprehensive overall picture of the channeling effect, based on several different surveys on player behavior in the Finnish online gambling market. In this presentation, I’m looking forward to share some of the main findings, gathered from these national surveys.


Finland’s online gamblers will now be subjected to a strict monthly loss limit of €500 for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The maximum daily loss per player has been halved from €1,000 to €500, which means that a player would be unable to gamble for the rest of the month should they lose the maximum in a day.

The online limits, which will take effect on May 1st and extend through at least September 30, will apply to eBingo, virtual betting and online slots and table games (excluding poker).

The monopoly operator Veikkaus has also announced that Lottery draws will be suspended entirely.

Veikkaus director of legal and social responsibility Pekka Ilmivalta said that the company had made the necessary technical changes and would be able to enforce the limits from the dates set out by the Ministry.

Maria Ohisalo of the Finnish Ministry of the Interior said the new limits were necessary to reduce the potential for gambling harm and would persist even if the pandemic threat recedes before September 30, based on her belief that “consumers’ financial difficulties as a result of the epidemic are likely to continue for longer.”

The limits, which follow similar proposals in Sweden, are a further blow to Veikkaus’ operations.

The operator estimated that it had lost out on around €60m in revenue since the start of the pandemic. Further Veikkaus stated that there had been little evidence of its customer base migrating online, with online casino revenue only up by around €1.5m since social distancing measures were brought into force.

The operator is preparing to furlough the majority of its retail staff, with up to 675 employees to be laid off temporarily.

A Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Interested online gamblers will find that their choices are vast as far as online casinos go. The same is true for bonus offers. Online casinos use bonus offers to draw people in. After all, players often find it hard to resist when sites are willingly offering them free money.

Perhaps the most popular type of online casino bonus usually offered to players is the deposit match bonus. An attractive prospect for online gamblers looking for ways to increase their bankroll, it’s an effective tool for casinos to encourage players to play longer too. However, players must be aware that this free offer does come with certain strings attached. More often than not, it isn’t cashable.

They usually come with certain wagering requirements too. While this varies from one casino to the next, there are those that do offer less stringent requirements and fewer game restrictions than others.

This is also why players are encouraged to take their time to review various bonus offers from different casinos and to read the conditions they come with before actually signing up.

Online gamblers may also encounter the “No Deposit Bonus”. Just as the name implies, these bonuses are given as free money that players can use at the casino. They can even be withdrawn in the event that a player gets lucky in the playthrough. Online casinos usually offer these bonuses to new players. It is, after all, an effective tool for enticing new players.

While it does come with certain terms, depending on the casino, they usually mean free money. They can also be presented as a loyalty reward, free chips, or comp points— perfect for people looking for ways to enjoy some free online casino action.

Free spins and timed promotions are bonuses that are usually available for new players. Timed bonuses are a popular offer that microgaming sites extend to new clients where players are given a set amount and time to earn and win as much as they can.

Players are often required to meet certain conditions within the allotted time. Once successful, any money won will be carried over as they go from one level to the next. Money earned through these challenges will be awarded to the players’ bonus account. Some sites also award them as deposit bonuses.

Simon’s Guide to Gambling and Online Casinos in Finland

Most forms of gambling are legal and regulated in Finland. Finnish gamblers have access to sports betting, casino gambling and lotteries. However, both the online and the land-based gambling market is heavily regulated and monopolised.

Domestic gambling activities in Finland are organized by 3+1 companies, each with a monopoly in its own area, and each owned in a large part by the Finnish government. The company Fintoto is in charge of horse race betting.

All other forms of sports betting are in the hands of Veikkaus. This company also controls lottery games, including games such as keno and bingo. Casino gambling, which includes both slot machines and table games, is the monopoly of RAY. The “+1” gambling operator in France is PAF, which is, by itself, responsible for all forms of gambling on the Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland.

Online gambling is also legal in Finland. Practically the same rules apply as to brick and mortar gambling, insofar as the only domestic companies who may legally offer gambling services within Finland are the previously mentioned operators.

Finland is a member of the European Union, which is generally disdainful of gambling monopolies within its member states. Finland has long since insisted that all gambling within the country is non-profit, though this subject is rather controversial. Currently the monopolies still exist. International gambling sites are forbidden to advertise within the country, though there are no laws banning Finnish gamblers from playing on international online gambling sites*.

What Finland’s Online Gambling Sector Can Learn from Sweden’s New Regulation

On January 1, 2019, Sweden opened up its online gambling sector, regulating the sector but largely relaxing the tight grip that it had on the digital entertainment industry. More than 30 online casino operators have been awarded licenses thus far, though, more than 70 casinos had submitted their applications.

The move is expected to revolutionize the online gaming industry in the region. But, more than that, some also expect it to be a beacon for other European countries – like Finland – to follow, using Sweden’s online casino reform as a guideline for its own regulatory efforts.

Like Sweden, Finland Should Expect a Flood of Applications

The Finnish online casino sector, similar to that of Sweden, has been regarded as a restrictive industry. Finland’s industry is state-controlled with just one brand, called Veikkaus, providing lotteries, sports betting, slot machines, and horseracing, on the block. But as Finland prepares to overhaul its online gambling sector following a review (as announced in December 2018), the country should expect to be flooded with applications. This is especially the case as Veikkaus’ earnings are already down having decreased by 1% during the first quarter of 2018 due to its introduction of responsible gambling tools. Plus, Finland’s population famously loves gambling and it is part of everyday life says This gives casinos an additional incentive to focus on the region.

There are already several international online casino operators that promote themselves in Finland, with explaining that many of these allow players to cash out to Finnish bank accounts and offer games in Finnish. These casinos are specifically targeted towards Finnish gamblers but if the country’s gambling sector is revamped, these efforts within the region may be renewed and the Finnish authorities will have to be prepared for the influx.

Online Casino Basics— All About Progressive Prizes

When you play at online casinos, you’ll have hundreds of games to choose from. This is especially true if you signed up with a large online casino operator as they tend to feature a wide array of games and game variations for their players. This is what makes online casinos quite popular among gamblers these days. They offer plenty of entertainment opportunities for everybody. Whether you are interested in poker or something simple as slots, you can be sure that they will have something on offer for you.

It’s a common practice among online casinos to offer their players bonus money. While this is generally targeted to new players, many online casinos will also offer the same to customers that have been with them for a long time. This gives players free money to spend when playing their various games.

While most of these offers tend to have certain conditions attached to them, like the specific games they can be used for, how much of it can be spent for making bets. So even specific wagering requirements before any winning can be withdrawn, they are still free money.

So, if you’ve just signed up with an online casino to check out what they have to offer, this is a great welcome piece. You’ll find that most of the games that are offered at land-based casinos are also offered in the virtual setting.

This is good news to avoid gamblers since this means that they will now have access to their favorite games without the need to come to an actual land-based casino. Online casinos offer their games 24/7, so players now get to enjoy the flexibility of being able to play their favorite games any time they want. There are many different online casinos and choosing one can be a daunting task, unless you look them up on Casino Lista – where all top online casinos are listed.

When it comes to how the games are played, generally, the same rules on land-based casinos apply. There may be variations to these games that will be offered too and some tweaks on the rules may also be introduced. But for most of the online casino games, the same rules will be in effect. If you have been playing at online casinos before, this would make for an easy transition to online casino gambling.

There are generally three types of games you can play at online casinos. There are the table machines which include baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps among others. There are those referred to as gaming machines such as video poker games and slots. Lastly, there are random games including bingo, lotto, and keno.

Of these games, perhaps the most popular and most played are blackjack, poker, bingo and slots. Considering the draw of these games, it makes sense for online casinos to have them on offer on top of whatever games they currently feature.

Online gambling in Finland

The Republic of Finland, formerly part of the Kingdom of Sweden and later the Russian Empire, has had a state-controlled gambling monopoly since the Second World War. Despite recent pressure from the European Union and even the start of the internet and online gambling, Finland’s gambling structure has changed little since then – and apparently has no intention of doing so any time soon.

The legal landscape

The first slot machines were introduced to Finland from Germany in the 1920s. Private companies took the opportunity they presented and provoked a government intervention that in 1933 only granted charities to operate these machines. However, disputes continued between the various operations, and in 1938 RAY was short for Raha-automaattiyhdisty, Finland’s Slot Machine Association configuration His decree gave him the authority not only to monitor gaming machines, but also to manufacture the machines themselves and to provide funds for any health or addiction problems caused by the hobby.

Ray is one of three organizations that form the Finnish government’s monopoly on gambling. The second is Veikkaus Oy, the Finnish national lottery, whose winnings in lottery and other betting activities are spread across various projects that contribute to Finnish art and culture, sports or scientific ventures. The third, Fintoto Oy, is a horse racing-specific parimutuel bet that, like Veikkaus Oy, reinvests the money it earns into Suomen Hippos, a government organization that cares for horses.

There is a separate system for the Finnish province of Aland, a network of around 6,500 islands in the Baltic Sea that falls under Finnish rule. Gambling activities are managed by PAF (Play at Friends), which was founded in 1966 to bring the various Aland organizations under one roof.